Immunity & Covid-19

Evidence-Based Practices Regarding Immunity & COVID-19

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The amount of information flooding your life about COVID-19 is most likely more than you would ever want to know. Yet that information is affecting your life and the choices you make every day. The problem is though, a lot of what you see, hear and read may be either inaccurate, fear-driven or lack evidence.

Let us help you clear the fog and lower your stress as our special guests and experts share some practical ways to strengthen what’s at the highest risk right now: the health of your lungs.

Join leading clinicians from Mount Sinai, along with our medical experts as they explain Post Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS) and the wide range of physical and mental health issues people are experiencing after their initial COVID diagnosis. This compelling 30-minute interview with the frontline clinical team from Mount Sinai answers questions about Long COVID, Post Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS) and Post Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC)

What you will learn

  1. Practical ways to strengthen your immunity and respiratory muscles
  2. The effect stress has on your immune system
  3. Effective and proven stress relief methods
  4. How to maintain a healthy body and mind while in quarantine
  5. What is pulmonary health and how to improve it
  6. How data can help you notice early signs of a compromised immune system